Binnacle seafood international

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Halifax, Nova Scotia - B3L 2C2




For thousands of years the residents of our tiny part of the world have depended on the North Atlantic for our sustenance. The farthest you get away from the ocean is forty two miles. We are a small province with under one million people but have made a name for our seafood that goes around the world.

Binnacle Seafood was started with that same idea of bringing our best to the world in additional to discovering other seafood of matching quality, sustainability and excellence. The word International is in our name for a reason - we source from over 30 countries and bring that seafood to our shared facilities in Boston and Miami for the American market as well as around the world.



Nova Scotia Atlantic Halibut — we work with the greatest fisheries around this wonderful area building relationships with our partners to bring the amazing flat fish to our facility in Boston.

Wild Salmon — we team up with our sister company in Toronto to source from British Columbia and Alaska during the wild season.

Atlantic Salmon — we have very close and long relationships with the highest quality producers of salmon from Canada, Norway, Chile and Scotland.